Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Phone SCAM... logmein123.com

Do not fall for this bogus phone scam...

Got a suspicious phone call today claiming that my computer was infected, and that I needed to renew my Windows Security license by visiting logmein123.com. Do not visit logmein123.com... it will allow a person to remotely log in to your computer. Once logged in, they can do just about anything. In addition, the guy claimed that I needed to pay $210 via PayPal. The whole thing is bogus.

Note: the guy has some personal information such as what version of Windows I was running, and my address, so they probably are operating off a stolen list of Microsoft purchase information. He didn't like it when I asked why Microsoft.com describes logmein123.com as a phone scam.

Here's a couple links from google that describe the scam:



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