Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bike Plow Revisited after 3 years (video)

Bike Plow video revisited after 3 years: more than 360,000 views, 132 likes, 527 dislikes, 404 comments (mostly obscene, but some quite funny).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Get Dressed for Ice Hockey

Steps to get ready for playing ice hockey:
1. get naked, then put on the following items:
2. (optional) pair of lycra shorts
3. jock strap with cup. note: you can buy shorts that include a cup that have velcro sock holders
4. socks (on your feet)
5. knee and shin pads
6. hockey socks or light weight sweatpants (over your knee and shin pads). Attach your socks to velcro sock holders if applicable.
7. hockey pants (padded shorts that protect your upper legs)
8. (optional) lightweight synthetic shirt
9. chest and shoulder pads
10. elbow pads
11. jersey
12. (optional) neck protection pad
13. (recommended -- helps reduce concussion risk) mouth guard
14. skates
15. (optional) wrap tape around hockey socks to help secure them
16. helmet (secure chin strap first, then straps that hold cage to the side of helmet)
17. gloves
18. grab your stick and hit the ice.

My favorite rink: Winthrop Outdoor Ice Rink (Winthrop, WA)

Online Hockey Gear:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Concrete5: How to have editable block on home page appear on other pages

To have an editable block on the homepage automatically appear on all other pages, use the following pattern in your theme. Change 'logo' to whatever you want the editable area to be called:

if ($c->getCollectionID() == 1) 
  $a = new Area('logo');


  $pc = Page::getByID(1, 'ACTIVE'); 
  $a = new Area('logo');