Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beginners Guide to Stringing a Tennis Racquet

These instructions are for a "two piece" string job. This means that one piece of string is used for the mains (vertical strings), and one piece is used for the crosses (horizontal strings). YouTube is an excellent source for stringing information, and I have included a few videos that I've found helpful below.

If the racquet still has strings in it, mark the holes with tape so you know where to start and tie off the mains and crosses.

Remove the old strings. Cut the strings from the center of the racquet and alternate main/cross cuts. See video below.

Look up the string pattern to confirm the tie off locations, string length, and which holes to skip. KlipperUSA has a good list.

Measure the string required for the mains and crosses. You may need to add a foot to make sure you have enough string to pull tension. When you cut the string, cut it at an angle to produce a pointy end that is easier to push through the holes. Suggestion: wear some safety glasses so you are less likely to poke your eye with a sharp string.

Configure the machine. Adjust the base so the racquet fits within the clamps. Start with the center clamps to "center" the racquet. Tighten the side clamps gradually, and make sure the racquet frame clamps are positioned between the holes. Also try to position the supports so that you can clamp next to the frame if possible. Select the desired tension by positioning the drop weight or otherwise.

Start with the mains.

Once you get to a "skip" hole, you can weave the crosses to avoid having to push around a string covering the cross hole. Finish the mains. Tie a tie-off knot such as a Wilson Pro Knot. Cut the remaining string so there's a 4mm tail (too short and it could pull through, too long and it could stick out past the edge of the frame).

Tie a starting knot for the crosses. There's a variety of these with some bulkier than others.

Carefully, do the crosses. It is easier to weave the next cross before pulling tension on the current cross.

Tie off the crosses. Trim remaining string. Trim starting knot.

Record date, name, racquet, string type, tension.