Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers, by Matthew McCullough & Tim Berglund; O'Reilly Media

This video series covers some useful tips for developers in 23 videos ranging in length from 3 to 22 minutes.

As you might expect, hotkeys, automation, and some third party apps are covered. For example, iTerm2 is presented as an improvement to the built in Terminal app. In addition, a fair bit of time is spent explaining configuration and package management tools such as HomeBrew and Boxen.  Boxen has 4 videos alone.

Personally, I liked the first videos more than the package management tool videos because there are some quick wins that can be taken advantage of right away. For instance, the different ways of using Spotlight filters could be useful for searching for things by date, etc.

The conversational delivery style is good enough. The rhetorical questions get a bit old, but I'm not sure what alternative would be better.

Also, being familiar with GitHub will make the videos easier to understand.

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